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Want to become more marketable for remote positions?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Here are a few soft skills employers value in their remote employees.

As this pandemic continues to suffocate the workplace by forcing some employers to lay off employees and require others to work remotely, the demand for work from home- remote positions have increased. Many job seekers will begin to apply for remote roles to supplement their income due to the rise in unemployment. Employers are looking to fill remote positions and there are specific skills you must have to land an interview.

Those who are searching for available remote positions should keep in mind that employers value soft skills. Soft skills are defined as personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Working in a typical office setting requires skills that most employees can adapt to easily, however, working remotely creates challenges that require specific skills to make you more effective.

  1. Self-Monitoring (Working Independently) Employers expect their employees to be able to take the initiative to handle tasks and solve problems independently. Self-monitoring is essential to the remote worker to meet deadlines timely and be productive with your assigned duties. Self Monitoring also includes budgeting your time and being able to prioritize your work assignments. If you are more accustomed to a traditional office setting where your boss is near to provide updates and reminders, this could pose an issue for you because all remote work requires you to be a self-starter.  

  2. Strong Work Ethics Looking to succeed and progress in your career? You must adopt a strong work ethic as part of your values. As an employee, you must exemplify in your character a determination to get the job done whether someone is monitoring you or not. Employees who are fully engaged and ensuring they are using their time to be productive are valuable to any employer. Employees who stand out to employers are those who demonstrate strong work ethics in their professionalism and willingness to submit quality work.  

  3. Communication To succeed in remote work, it is critical to demonstrate effective communication skills and ability to articulate in details. In any remote position, you don't have the typical social interaction and this can create an obstacle if you aren't a great communicator. Working remotely may not allow you to talk by phone or video chat, so you must improve your writing skills to be able to send a concise email or instant chat messages to your team and supervisor. Clarifying your requests to your manager or co-workers will increase your productivity and create a more pleasant work environment for you.

  4. Collaboration with a team Generally, some job seekers identify remote work with isolation away from other employees. This is true, however, you must enjoy collaborating with your team members. Collaborative working increases productivity and necessary for the company to meet its goals and ensure timely deliverables.

Are you the perfect candidate for remote work? These are a few tips that you should demonstrate in a remote role to and be able to speak to if contacted for a job interview.

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