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I am Kameke Payne, Founder and Owner of The Resume Revive Career Services. I'm a resume writer and career strategist with experience writing tailored resumes for a number of industries. Many professionals have gained from my love for writing resumes, as it has helped them increase their salaries, advance in their professions, and transition to new professions. 

I have a passion for resume writing, and I also love helping others to create career strategies that will help them succeed in their chosen career industries.


I am a leadership strategist with an array of workforce development experience. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from The University of Memphis and a Master of Science Degree in Leadership from Belhaven University. I am currently completing a Master of Arts in Education from The University of Phoenix.

My background includes 13 years of workforce development, my extensive experience in career development helped me to develop my passion for helping others with goal setting and creating career opportunities by using their skills.

With my skills and talents, I birthed the vision of The Resume Revive Career Services. The goal of The Resume Revive is to help others by equipping them with the confidence needed to gain better career opportunities.  Resume Writing and career services is the industry in which I render my expertise.  My prior work experience in employment counseling revealed the dire need for potential job candidates to possess efficient resumes and professional documents that adequately represent their qualifications and work history.

I was honored with the "Women with Distinction" (2019) award for my visionary leadership of The Resume Revive Career Services. 

  •  I am a Gold Member of The Society of Elite Resume Writers.

  • I am a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers. 

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