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Refund Policy



Client acknowledges that fees are for services and, as such, are neither cancellable nor refundable. Client understands that by signing an agreement for resume services, he/she authorizes The Resume Revive Career Services to provide the services stated above. 


Fees for consultation, information-gathering, and preparation of career documents are non-refundable, as The Resume Revive Career Services provides custom services for each Client.  Services include Client consultation and/or coaching, writing and editorial services, design, layout, editing and proofreading, and finalization. Services rendered are neither cancellable nor refundable by Client. 


Any deposits made are non-refundable, as they cover the review of materials, development of interview questions, or other services.  Once Client has paid for services and signed this Agreement, no refunds are available. A refund may be available (at the discretion of The Resume Revive Career Services) if The Resume Revive Career Services determines a lack of feasibility of the project as requested by Client. 


The Resume Revive Career Services  is under no legal obligation to refund the purchase price of any service under any circumstance. However, The Resume Revive Career Services will seek to satisfy every Client in a reasonable manner.  The Resume Revive Career Services reserves the right to refuse service, terminate a Client relationship, or otherwise cancel orders in their sole discretion. Authorization: Client agrees to order the work as described in this agreement and agrees to pay the

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