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Networking virtually, the new normal.

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

One of the top ways to gain insight to new career opportunities is to build your professional network. It may seem impossible since we are in the middle of a pandemic. However, there are several ways to network virtually, check out my article below.

Networking online can seem difficult when building a professional presence for a new or existing career. The pandemic has removed the opportunity to network in person, so job seekers must become comfortable in establishing a professional presence online.

One of the first things that should happen to build a network, is to build your confidence and personal brand in your social and community groups. A job seeker can establish their personal brand by joining groups that allow them to show their expertise by participating in online discussions or creating posts that show your audience the skills you have in a specific area. It is easier to build a professional network when you are confident in what value and skillsets you can add to an employer.

LinkedIn is a great platform to join and build your network by engaging in discussions and connecting with new people daily. LinkedIn is a platform that is needed as a professional to gain connections and begin building your online presence. Engaging in discussions will allow the job seeker the opportunity to show their expertise in their specific skill set and will open doors for new connections that can potentially refer you to job leads. Consistently engaging and posting will show your connections to learn more about you as a professional. Engagement will allow you to build your professional brand, so it is important to post only professional tips and topics that represents you on your job search journey.

Networking online will help you to build your professional contacts rather quickly, but it is still important to show confidence in the value you can add to each subject matter. Your connection will see the confidence and begin to engage with you more. In emailing a new connection, introduce yourself and let them know the career that you are seeking and a few things about your past work experiences and how those experiences align with the career you are now seeking. There are many posts on LinkedIn where professionals are posting job leads and this will be an opportunity for a job seeker to send a private message to introduce themselves and show their interest in the position.

One of the ways to find people to connect to on social platforms online is by searching for topics that are related to the specific job you are applying to and add connections with similar interests in your local area. Begin engaging in discussions and offering tips to your connections that they can use to help them to solve problems and answer industry questions.

Finally, be mindful of what you post as you are growing your professional network. Keep your profile up to date. Searching for a new job can be challenging, but there is still hope in your job search because there are still employers attempting to fill positions.

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