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Applying for jobs but not hearing back?

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

There is an art to job search that you must learn to be successful in it. There are hundreds of applicants each day that are applying for jobs, mostly the same ones that you are applying to. So, how do you get noticed and get contacted back for an interview? Here are a few reasons you many not be hearing back.

1. Did you read the job post correctly? Do you meet the requirements for the job?

Most of the time our job search time is wasted because we are applying to positions that we aren't even qualified for. Most companies will not pull your application if you don't have the minimum requirements. So, before you apply, make sure you meet the requirements.

2. Avoiding mistakes in your job application. There are still several companies that require you to complete an application before attaching your resume. How well are you following the instructions in the application? Are you rushing through and skipping important information in the application? Incomplete applications are a red flag to employers. Attention to detail is what most employers are looking for, so if your application is missing pertinent information, you most likely will not be contacted for an interview.

3. The resume, your key to a successful job search.

The resume is and will always be the first way to make a good impression with your future employer. A well-formatted resume with your skills and experience can determine if you will get a job interview. In today's job market, the resume is a required document for applying to employment opportunities, but it is also used to paint a picture of your personal brand. Therefore, if you are serious about making a career change or discovering new opportunities in a different career field, your resume should stand out. Will your current resume stand out with future employers? Is your current resume targeted for a specific career field? If not, these are changes that should be addressed before applying to new positions.

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