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Kameke Payne, MSL

Kameke is no stranger to preparing job seekers for the workforce. Kameke's background consists of working in workforce development for 13 years in a variety of career roles, all of which supported and helped a great number of job seekers arrive at their desired career choice.

Do you know how competitive the job market is? It's critical to make an investment that will help you get to the career you desire. You deserve to be in a career field that highlights the skills you have acquired throughout your career journey.  It's time to be specific about the type of career that you feel is rewarding and satisfying.

Kameke, a former leader in workforce development, has interviewed several candidates for a variety of roles. Kameke understands how important it is to showcase your brand and have the ability to describe your value to the company in your interview. Kameke understands there is a small window to do this, so you must be ready when your time comes. 

Kameke was the recipient of the "Women of Distinction" (2019), which she received for her leading conception of The Resume Revive Career Services.

Kameke was featured in the Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine (YBE), The Black Business Matters Issue, July 2020.

Kameke holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from The University of Memphis and a Master of Science in Leadership from Belhaven University. 

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